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Mercedes-Benz A160/Feb.2002

Please Note.
This section W168 'A' class section of my site gets and average of 1500-1800 visitors a day with over 3000, pages of information being read between them as well as links from many forums world wide and yet support towards the running costs is next to nothing.
If the site helps you resolve or helps you undertake repairs on your vehicle then please show you appreciation by making a small donation. Should help not be forth coming in the next few months the 'A' class sections W168 W169 will deleted from the web site The information will then only be available on DVD or e-DVD at a cost of 8.50 and is will available via this site.
The DVD e-DVD does however contain masses of workshop information on both modelks which is not available on this my web site.

Thank you lofty.

Disclaimer The information and photographs included on this site are provided for those interested in the Mercedes Benz 'A' Class. It is not intended that the information be used as the sole guidance for D.I.Y. maintenance.
With this in mind, no liability will be accepted for any damage, accident, or loss resulting from using information contained on this Site.

You are invited to print off a copy of this index or pages for quick reference to the content for your future use. Pages marked with the date in bold are the latest entries or the information has been enhanced, along with extra photographs.
Please Note. Index last updated 28.01.15

1 Index of site content
2 'A'Class,Elegance,160/2002,875 Mango Green.
3 FAQ (Frequently asked questions
4 DIY Service/Checks. location of various components/service points, Oil, Coolant, Fuel, Brake Fluid, Tyres,
5 Working Around & Under Your Car. Jack, blocks, wedges, safe practice, D.I.Y Ramp.
6 Remote fob/keys, locking features, auto locking feature. Information Ref New /Replacement keys updated
6a locking features extracted from owners handbook . No Owners Handbook Then read this to get the best from your car's locking system.
6b Remote fob/keys, Replacing a damaged case on an otherwise working remote key.
7 Main lighting Switch. Parking, Side, Head, Fog, High visibility
8 Interior lighting & Components. Replacement of Bulbs. Air Sensor Location.
9 Headlight Assembly & Bulb Replacement Location, Type of bulb etc. type of fittings
10 Bulbs Continued . Indictor Repeater/Wing /Removal.
11 Rear light Assemblies. Bulbs layout. H/L Stop Light. H/Vis brake Light. Special Note reversing light switch defects
12 Fuel Filler. flap. Emergency. Release. Smells, Filler flexible joint, Filter, Tank, Pump, Sender unit. Fuel filter. EGR switch over valve, New Material /revised.
13 Battery location, Removal, Recharging Special Charger
14 Battery Compartment, Main Fuse box & Relay location Battery & Replacement Rating, Fit New Battery

15 Fuse & Relay Allocation'A'160/2002 Note. Fuses vary for different models

15a Manufacturers Allocation Fuses & Relays
16 Air Filter Replacement Air filter housing removal. Filter Housing Removal/Assembly
17 Ancillary Interior. Audio, Storage, Carpets, Gig/lighter/Uses, High visibility Clothing.
18 ESP/ABS, Brake Servo and stop /brake light switch
19 Rear Brake Assembly. Rear Brake Drum/Shoes, Rear Suspension.
20 Rear Suspension. Rear springs, Procedure Sub frame, Suspension, shock absorbers, hub, swinging arms.
20a Replace rear Shock absorbers
20b Replace Rear Springs
21 Trailing Arms. Replacement/ Repair/Hub Bearing Replacement. Detection, Procedures, Part numbers.
22 Bonnet Release Mechanism/Service Lubrication, switch location
23 Carbon/Pollen Filter (Activated) Replacement, A160/2002 Full procedure
24 Services to 5th Door (Boot-lid) Rear washer hose, Radio aerial, Vacuum hose, Electrics etc.
25 Boot Lid Stuck,/ Replace Gas filled boot Lid Support Struts Closed, Boot lock details, removing boot door lining,
26 Front Suspension, ABS Drop links, Strut/Shock Absorber, Anti-Roll Bar, Drive/Shaft, Track/Rod Ends.
27 F/Brake Pad Inspection/Replacement fitting shims 4/05 information to service your brakes.
28 Front Brake Calliper Inspection, Repair & Replacement. Including bleeding of brakes
29 Drop links Replacement. Part Numbers ,tips, fitting procedure.
30 Replacing Spark plugs, Tips on removing ignition module and cover..
31 Air Conditioning. Re-gassing Procedure & Test, Water under car after run?
32 Towing facilities. Trailer & Electrics. Car breakdown Towing Facilities. Tow Bar. Trailer. Wiring Diagrams.
33 Engine Problems & Enlarged pictures of 'A' Class Engine. Starter location Diagram's showing 'V' pulley Belt
34 Exhaust System 160/2002. Complete System Layout.
35 Technical data, Re-set Assyst Technical data Weight and dimensions
36 Seats, removal, adjustment, arm rests, seat adjuster repair, Seat belts, Warning ref, replacing rear seats.
37 Sensor's various Locations & use
38 Mass Air Flow Sensor Failure History, cause, cure, cost, remove, repair/ replace options.

39 SRS(Supplemental Restraint Systems)Seat belts and Air bags
40 Child safety in your 'A' Class Windows ,doors, child seats, Child Seats & the Law.
41 Vacuum pump. Take precautions against water /coolant damage.
42 Windscreen Wipers and washers Wipers, Wiper motors, S/Wash front & Rear, S/Wash Pump, Reservoir. Replacement Blades
43 Coolant System Drain & Refill Capacity, protection, Location of valves, Fan Controller
44 Interior illumination of components. what's lit when
45 Instrument Cluster Bulb replacement. Procedure face lift. After 1/3/2001 Feb 2006, Link to Pre-Face lift model.
46 SERVICING procedures for change of:- Oil, Air filter, inspection of poly 'V' belt. etc
47 Service schedule for A160/2002/Petrol. Sample service sheets added 23/01/07
48 Pre-MOT inspection/checks New requirements as of January 2012
49 Steering Steering Column, Steering Rack, Power Steering Pump. Stop that annoying clicking/clonking when you slightly turn the steering wheel to & fro
50 Steering Column, Steering Wheel & Associated Components.
51 Car Alarm, Scorpion Features, horn/alarm unit, movement sensors, touch keys & advanced information.
52 Paintwork, Damage to small areas Stone chips minor accidental damage.
53 Electric windows/ Removing Inner Door panels. Replacing faulty Door locks. Replacing defective Door Hinges.
54 Abrasion and damage Electrical Loom. water hoses etc
55 Mirrors external /internal. assembly replacing glass component parts.
56 Remove, Repair/Replace Side Sill's. colour coding, Removing under-floor pans.
57 Poly V belt Replacement, Ploy V belt tensioner, Crank shaft pully wheel defects. Poly V belt tensioner and pully wheels.
57a Timing chain and associated components replacement.
58 Manual Clutch Information.
59 Manual Gearbox (716 501)Fluid spec, Change, Reversing switch, loss of 3rd & 5th gears.

59a Fully Automatic gearbox transmission
59a1 Replacement of K1 clutch/Fully Automatic gearbox transmission New 28/1/2015
59b ACS Auto Clutch-less gearbox /Auto Clutch system transmissions
59c ACS Auto Clutch-less Conversion to Fully manual transmission
60 Items Exterior, Horns (fanfare) location. Screen Wash Components, Fitting M/Flaps. Polish
61 Heater/Blower/Fan and problems. Replacement of vents Replace your own blower resister and save
62 Spare Wheel & Tyre Care. Pressure, Wear, Defects,
63 Electric windows , operation re-setting , isolation .
64 'Parktronic' Type Reversing Sensors installation, function, operation.
65 Buying your used 'A' Class Retail Private. tips .
66 Starter Motor Location , information.
66a Starter Motor cut out relay Location , information.
66b Alternative method of changing starter motor Location , information.
67 Lamella Sliding Roof (DVD only)
68 Alternator
69 Memoscan OBD2 Portable hand Diagnostic Equipment.
69a EOBD/OBD2 fault codes/list
70 Replace Ignition Switch Contacts/Mechanism
71 Combination Switch , operation, repair ,replace.
72 Links to information/modifications to cooling/heating system for extreme winter conditions

Pages 73 to 89 are unused

90 Companies offering discounts to readers of this site.
91 Consumables Spray & Shine, Engine Treatment, Fuel System Treatment, Rain-away, No-fog, Screen Wash tablets.10% discount available.
92 Emergency Battery pack Jump start Facility, Emergency Lighting, Mini Compressor , 12volt socket,
93 Ecotek CB26P Performance Tech. New with 10% off RRP for my readers
94 'Indic8tor' Speed Management Unit,
95 Links, Useful & interesting links that could save you hundreds of pounds.
96 Alex's starter motor experience. tips and information.
97 Index to Q & A questions listed on page 3
98 A170 Diesel fuel injector leaking & sticking problem,
99 User Instructions for lofty's 'A' Class Ignition Module Cover removal tools.
100 Torque Wrench Conversion Table & Settings.

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