Lofty's Homepage DVD

For the price of one sparking plug You can have your own e-copy of my W168 & W169 'A' Class pages as they appear on my site on the WWW. Along with W168 & w169 workshop information files
Your copy can be with your within hours of your order being placed.

Genuine Lofty's Homepage e-DVD's are only available from this site.

W169 owners if you have not got a owners handbook you may not be getting the best from your car, purchase this e-DVD to get the information you need.

Please note e-DVD price will be 11.00 as of the 1st January 2020, The hard copy is still available to UK buyers

Purchasing this e-DVD will guarantee you have access to the information as is on this site in the Mercedes 'A' Class sections. Please bear this site will not be on the www indefinitely. By Purchasing the DVD you can also access masses of Workshop and other information files .
Now has 431- W168, 169-W169 workshop and other information files which is not available on my web site.
Much of the information on the DVD is also valid for the 'B' Class models.
By purchasing this e-DVD you will also being showing your support for this site and helping me keep the site additional W169 files have been added to the eDVD and ghard copy DVD as well as the web site Free for all users.

The three options for UK Buyers Only

E-DVD is available as Normal Sent Via e-mail This is the only option now available to oversea's owners due to high postage cost and delivery problems and is strongly recommended for oversea's buyers. Delivery is guaranteed
Option 1 (One)
e-DVD Copy only (Zip file) Same day dispatch unless otherwise advised saving you both postage and time, Cost :- 11.00
The time between ordering the DVD and the time it reaches you depends on a number of factors:-
1. The time taken for paypal to pass me your order.
2. My being available to respond to your order.
3. The time taken for 'We Transfer to send you the file'.
4. Where you are located in the World and time zone difference.
5. In any case I would expect you to receive the e-DVD within 24 hours of ordering anywhere in the World.
If this is not the case then please contact me by e-mail:

I will include full instruction for downloading your zip file with Options 1 & 3

e-Copy must be downloaded within 7(seven Days ) of receipt.

There have been a few of cases where the DVD is noisy when used on a Lap-Top, This problem is overcome if the DVD cover is not place on the disc when produced. If you intend using your copy on a lap-top please indicate this in the Remarks to Seller on your PAYPAL ORDER FORM, Contacting me later is no good as your DVD is posted same day and quite often within an hour of your order being received.
If this information is on your paypal order form I will send a DVD without the cover photo which will cure the problem.

DVD's are normally dispatched same day as ordered and are usually delivered within two working days. UK

A receipt of posting is obtained and retained for each hard copy DVD sold A verification of download message from 'We Transfer is kept for all e-copy DVD's sold, copies of both receipts are available on request.
When using Papal you can now make payment by credit or debit card at no extra cost to you.

All hard Copy DVD's dispatched in the UK only have plastic sleeves which greatly reduces UK postage Costs.
The following Postage & Packing Rates Apply.

United Kingdom....................................2.00 Second Class Delivery

Suspended from 23.03.20 Option 2.(Two)UK Only

Purchase Lofty's Homepage DVD only (Hard Copy only :-Cost 12.00
Plus postage & Packing 2.00,
A receipt of posting is obtained and retained for each hard copy DVD sold A verification of download message from 'We Transfer is kept for all e-copy DVD's sold, copies of both receipts are available on request.
When using Papal you can now make payment by credit or debit card at no extra cost to you.

Suspended from 23.03.20 Option 3 (Three)UK Only
+ e-Copy
e.DVD via 'WE Transfer' zip File.Plus Hard copy DVD sent by post,15.00. Postal & Packing apply.
e-Copy must be downloaded within 7(Seven)days

Postal costs apply to

Please see above for delays in dispatching of your order, where non appear your order will be dispatched straight away.
Conditions of Sale.

If your item does not arrive within (5) five days UK,

It is always appreciated when customers acknowledge receipt of their purchase
Please Note Where payment is made by cheque (UK only) approx 5 days may elapse between you cheque arriving and dispatch of your item, this is to allow your cheque time to clear.

All items when leaving me will be 100% tested, packaged with appropriate fragile labels and correct postage paid. Address details are 'Copied & Pasted' from your Paypal order form so Please ensure The paypal order has your correct address.

When purchasing the e-Copy DVD please ensure your e-mail address is the one you want your e-DVD to be dispatched to. This cannot be corrected later.
Second Class delivery:- All mail sent in the UK

Refunds Policy

Due to the nature of the items being sold which can be copied.
Refunds will not be considered unless the goods are defective on receipt or not delivered.
'We Transfer' confirm when the e-DVD has been sent and when the files are downloaded by the purchaser in the case of DVD 's I reserve the right to ask for the item to be returned for examination. or rerquest photograps to prove the damage which I require for the post office All DVD's are run on a different drive to that on which they were created before dispatch and the information being verified by the copying program used.

Loss of items in the post
Relatively few items get lost in the post, however where this does arise Royal Mail (UK) do not consider the item lost until the period of time set out below has elapsed.
United Kingdom 15 Working days have expired
I cannot therefore claim for the loss of item until these periods have expired.
In view of this Items may not be automatically replaced until these periods have expired.
Where you consider the time for delivery is excessive contact you local Mail office or speak to your postman.
Certificates of Posting' and verification of e-DVD files having been downloaded , are obtained and retained for all items posted copies are available on request.
I will always do my best to make sure this is a trouble free transaction
Thank you