Emergency multipurpose appliance.

Emergency Battery Jump start, Emergency Lighting Unit, Compressor, 12.Volt Auxiliary Power connection.

No matter how well organised you are or how well you look after your car you will one day,
if you haven't already, be caught out by a flat battery.
We have two car's in the household and they are both garaged, however they are parked one behind the other rather than the preferred method of side by side.

In the case of the 'A' Class, or 'Smart' not starting due to flat battery, the situation is worsened because the battery is housed inside the car's rather than under the bonnet or in the boot. So we have two problems:-

1 If the car parked in front fails to start both cars are effectively of the road, pushing to remove is not possible because we have an inclined driveway leading from and to the garage.

2 You therefore need either portable 2nd battery or very long jump leads to reach the batteries in either car if you are going to jump start.

This is what has encouraged me to purchase an Emergency battery pack.

Jump starter
This model, the ELIETECH Auto I saw on one of the Tele sales Programmes on Free View, at at the silly price of 19.50Plus delivery, I'm aware it not the top of the range item but as a emergency pack it's ideal for what I want.

As an instance I'm leaving the car at an Airport for a week in the coming weeks, there is no accounting for weather conditions during that period, but with this in the boot We will at least have a better chance of getting home without undue delay, if my battery for some reason fails.

So this units main roll is for jump starting car's.
It comes with full instructions so if you purchase such an item read the instruction before use. And it will need a 24 hour initial charge.

When connecting the energy battery pack connect the positive (red ) connector to the cars battery, positive (red) terminal. The negative (Black ) connector should be connected to a suitable earth point on the car and NOT on the car's battery.

With the 'A' Class and the location of the battery this is easier said than done, However the seat anchor bolts are attached to the cars metal body work as is the seat belt anchor points if possible one of these points should be used .
Only where you cannot get an earth should the cars negative battery terminal be used.

In addition, those of us that visit the many forums which cover the 'A' Class will be aware that having removed the vehicles battery and charged it, when placing it back on the car even when following the correct connection procedure, it has been found that when turning on the ignition the Engine management light stays lit and will not extinguish. This is quite a common problem on the 'A' class .
If you read you manufactures hand book you will see that it says turn off all services before connecting the battery, even having done that owners have problems.
I consider this to be caused by the surge of power hitting the ECU and so as a result have recommended to owners:-

Where you replace a fully charged battery on your car, always put the lighting switch to at least side-light before doing so.
I will be doing the same when connecting the emergency battery pack,
the same problem arises the sudden charge going to the car's electronics can cause the ECU light to stay lit. But putting on the lights prior to connecting either the vehicle battery of emergency battery pack, you are reducing the surge that hits the ECU.

If your Engine management light does stay lit, you have no option other than to get it deleted with a diagnostics tool. for details of such a tool see page 69
or visit you local garage however if they do not have such a tool you may be compelled to visit Mercedes Workshops who will charge for a short diagnostics test/to delete the light, this will cost you around 50.00 02/02/09 plus of course the dreaded VAT.


Also incorporated into the unit is an emergency light, this can be not just used around the car , but also in the event of a power cut or failure of the power system within the house.

A good light always makes the job easier and you can be assured this one will last and last, the battery simply being charged after use.
The lamp is easily used simple press the green button to switch on and off

12 Volt socket
For cigarette adaptor connection. Mobile phone for instance, can be charged without using the in car facility. Portable vacuum cleaners and alike can also be used from the socket. However it is un-fused so if connecting delicate electrical appliances ensure the adaptor is fitted with a fuse.

Mini Compressor.
The unit also incorporates a mini compressor that can be run for up to 10 minutes at a time.
More than sufficient time to charge the tyre that's showing signs of deflation, without the need to change the wheel at this point at least!
The charging tail and connector are stowed inside the unit when not in use.
The compressor is operated by a simple switch On/Off.

The gauge however reads in Pounds per square inch and kilograms per cubic meter, there is no problem as it has both but I'm used to working in Bars which is pretty well the standard now on garage forecourts.
1 Bar =14.5Lbsper square inch.

The condition of the battery in the pack can be checked by pressing the red Button , if the needle falls below the charging sector following use or after standing unused for long periods the unit is simply connected to the mains power via the transformer supplied, where upon the units battery will be recharged, the cable be connected to the two pin socket below the Battery condition meter.

The procedures for jump starting a car are printed on the label which stuck onto the body of the unit.
However I wouldn't like to say how long it will last?

The main thing to remember whether working on your car removing/replacing your own cars battery or connecting this unit to the car's installed battery is to Always connect the red (Positive) connector/grip first.
, Then follow with the Black Negative connection/grip.

When disconnecting, your battery or this unit Disconnect the Black terminal /Grip First followed by the Red terminal /Grip

Because owners experience problems with the ECU lamp remaining lit after battery reconnection I advocate turning the the vehicles lighting switch to ON to at least side lights , this has the effect of buffering the surge of power going to the ECU.
I leave it entirely up to you as to whether you follow this procedure.

If you search the internet for Jump starters you will find them priced from well over a 100. Obviously you get what you pay for, Or do you?
This unit at the price I paid is adequate for my needs, however if you intend using your unit as part of your business then It may well be worth investing more money, only time will tell.

With luck and care of the battery hopefully it will never get used, however I have already used it twice for the lighting .

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