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Audio system

Radio/CD player, Rack holds four Discs neat and tidy, hasn't failed to work yet. Can't say more than except that its a bit complicated unless your into Radio's which I'm not. It is very good in that you can have interruptions to CD's etc for travel news. Very useful when on a long run but the noise of the engine when doing over 50mph spoils it.

Remember, dependent on the Audio/radio fitted to your vehicle you will need to re-enter the code when the battery has been disconnected,therefore ensure this is code number usually consisting of 4 numbers is passed to you when purchasing a
new or used car or your audio ssystem will remain dead.

One useful aspect is the removable front, the radio is a little less attractive to thieves without the front facia, which is stored in a carry box when detached. however you do need to tuck the box complete with radio fascia away safely, or they will still find and nick it.

Cigarette lighter!
Almost a thing of the past, but still very useful although almost certainly now situated in the wrong place? mobile phone chargers for instance have connecting cables that get in the way of the gear leaver, Cool boxes would be better of in the back or even the boot but need power which is not available in that area. It never the less is still very useful. And if you do smoke! then move the ash try insert towards you to empty your own ash PLEASE. Oh and dumping rubbish on the highway in any form is an offence!

A most useful electrical connection, can be used for emergency lighting, battery chargers and even cool boxes. One point of warning the power does go off with the ignition so do not expect to find your box still chilled having left your car for hours!. In the case of a breakdown, there will be no power at this point unless it is safe to leave the ignition on. emergency lighting units/lamps can be fitted with clips that will connect direct to your battery, I carry one of each, that way I can't hopefully go wrong. unless of course the battery goes flat . Oh well can't wine them all.

Fig.1 Space under drivers and passengers seats is utilised by two plastic drawers and are useful for light items such as a torch, high visibility waistcoat etc. Drawers can still be obtained for the drivers & passenger seat up to 11/09/00 'A' Class SWB Part number B-6-781-0127 cost 29.43 and may be available for rear seat also, cost 80.44 if available for your SWB model, the easiest way is to check to see if you have the runners pre-fitted to your seats? Fig 2 The drawers fit into metal runners already provided as part of the seat, although it wasn't immediately obvious to me how they fitted into the guide! Fig 3 The projection or runner on the draw slides into a groove, with a plastic tooth engaging into a hole when fully housed. Fig.4

very useful for items you need prior to leaving the car!

High visibility clothing
High visibility clothing is a must for drivers, available in the form of a light waistcoat or jacket for about twelve pounds. This photograph shows the benefits of such clothing, both people are the same person one in ordinary cloths the other in the added waistcoat, I won't tell you which one you decide! About the price of a standard head light bulb. Builders Merchants do a range and having spent just on thirty years in the Fire Brigade has convinced me that wearing one will enable others to see you in daylight and the dark very easily and that aspect alone could Save Your Life.
Be Safe Be Seen

Fitted MB Carpets Still one of the best deals so far! I wasn't to impressed with my first service when I found out they didn't even remove the rear brake drums! But I was impressed by the way the carpets fitted and the way the sales Manager, Nigel insisted on fitting them. Well done Nigel and Liam, who appear to go out of their way to be helpful

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