Components and Assembly
Electric Window Switches & Operation.

Electric windows are fitted to all doors on the A160/2002 'Elegance' model 'A' Class, and will only operate when the ignition is ON. They can be operated from the front central panel, or in the case of the rear doors, the individual switches on each rear door.
Note. Some models may not have the double action switch or electric windows all-round.

The rear doors also include a safety feature which enables the driver to isolate the rear door windows for in particular when carrying children.
This feature is set when the middle, n/side switch is moved to expose the child symbol, as is indicated on my car.

Double Action/Single Touch Switch Operation.
These switches are also double action.
* If you press the switch half way down you can move the window as you wish, a few inches or even less.
*However fully depress the switch, let go of the switch and the windows will fully close or fully open.(Single touch)operation/switching.

However there is an alternative switch which shows a cross on the window symbol, when the switch bearing the window symbol is moved to the alternate position the rear windows will be isolated. Although I have not seen this switch consul I suspect that the side shown covered by the switch is a solid dot or even the child icon, when these icons are exposed the switch would be the isolated windows position. If you know different please let me know?

In addition to the switch consul between the front seats there is and individual switch on each of the rear doors fitted with an electric window These switches are also double action. All re-setting of electric windows is done on the front consul.

Having Removed The Battery /Withdrawn The Fuses For Any Reason.
There are other actions of which you should be aware, When ever the battery is removed the switches dependent on the number of electrically operated switches you have on your model will require re-setting.
This is done by re-setting each switch individually:-

* If a window is partially open, close the window, you will have to do this by operating the switch in the half down position or moving the switch repeatedly.

* When the respective window is fully closed, press and hold the switch in the fully down position for 30secs or until you hear a click.

* Test the action of the window in both half and fully down positions, go back through the re-set procedure if necessary.
* Repeat this procedure for each window.
*Your windows are now re-set.

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