Concessions and Discounts offered to readers of this site
Link on the item which will take you to the correct page and purchase details.

I have arranged for my readers to receive discounts or concession in the form of free postage at all of the sites/companies mentioned below. Please visit the relevant page for further details.
If you want to take advantage of these offers which is some instances can amount to a lot of money, then you must mention this site when placing you order.

Lofty's Homepage sales.
Lofty's Homepage CD Rom and supplementary information files.

Discount 15% mypage.30.

Mass Air Flow sensor Repairs (MAFS's)
ECU Testing (UK) Discount 15% mypage.38

mypage.57. For further details

For Consumable items polish etc etc. Discount 10%
engine oil additive, fuel treatment, polish ,etc etc. mypage.91 for further details

'Ecotek Performance Technology

www. Discount 10%

CB26P reduces omissions, improves MPG improves performance. mypage.93.htm

Key fob and other small cell Batteries
WWW.Rapid Batteries Fob and other batteries mypage.6

GSF Car Parts
www.GSF car parts Discount 5%
Will allow a 10% discount on parts purchased at retail outlets.

See web site for your nearest branch. Contact name Kerry Green.

Power steering pump repair /sales

Please note
Lofty has no invested interest in any of the companies mentioned above, the discounts or free postage is a consession granted to the site for readers and is a perk, not entitlement and may be stopped at the decreation of the supplier.
If you want to take advantage of this offer. You do however have to remember to mention this site when placing your order Lofty.

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