Fuse allocation W168 A160 petrol 2002.

As owners of modern cars we tend to take for granted the services fitted and the sophistication of the integrated sensors ,detectors and components fitted I received this e-mail which may emphasis the importance of the fuses and relays fitted to these vehicles.

I received this mail from an owner of an A140 which I feel sure other owners will want to make note, certainly it could save you a lot of money if you can recall the details when and if you need it?

I would like to relate a story about my wife's A140 classic auto 2001, it might be of some interest / use to your readers if you wish to pass it on.
I couple of weeks ago I was switching our cars around on the drive, and when I turned the A140 engine off I could hear an electric motor running under the bonnet.
Thinking "cooling fan" I listened for several minutes, but it did not switch off. Looking under the bonnet the motor concerned was a fan beside the power steering reservoir and the washer reservoir. In the time it had been running it was already too hot to touch! I pulled the electrical connector out to stop it frying, and called Mobilo-life thinking the diagnosis would be "failed control relay"
However, Mobilo-life diagnostics showed many flagged faults including the dreaded mass airflow sensor / ECU failure.
I had the car recovered to my local MB workshop with a heavy heart, and a faulty relay was replaced - re-diagnosis showed no faults (I got a printout!)
I believe the fan is an auxiliary air pump; on for a short time on start up to blow additional air into the catalyst to speed it warming up. I also think (although I did not check position myself) the relay is one of the hidden ones behind the panel in the engine bay (K6; air pump)
Probably, relay failure is a fairly rare occurrence, but this one could cost a new air pump, flat battery, and possibly new or refurbished mass flow sensor if you took the first diagnosis as gospel. I just goes to show how modern car engine management electronics are effected by faults in many and varied systems. Keep up the good work on the web site Regards Raymond Mayes
These details are certainly worth noting in your memory banks, many thanks Ray for the information.

Please be aware that the fuses fitted will vary for different models of 'A' Class W168 & W169. this is due to the type of equipment fitted on the vehicle.
The information contained on this document has been copied from, Information page for Fuses & Relays Mercedes-Benz. A168 004 03 99.
This document can normally be found in the slot at the front of the main fuse display.

Fuses Main Board.
1 20 amp Diagnostic socket + Cruise control gasoline. Gasoline engine control module. Secondary air injection relay. Secondary air injection valve. Shut off valve. Fan relay.
1#. # = 10amp (diesel) Diesel control module # Wastegate actuator #. Throttle switch over valve #. Pressure control valve, Exhaust gas recalculation # CAT. temperature sensor #.
2 25 amp Engine control module gasoline/diesel. Fuel pump relay(coil).Ignition coils. Injection valves. electronic accelerator.
3 30 amp
Engine cooling fan.
Engine cooling fan with HVAC.
4 7.5 amp Engine control module gasoline.
5 40 amp Automatic clutch.
6 30 amp Fuel pump relay.
7 40 amp Light module
8 30 amp Starter relay.
9 40 amp
30 amp
Wiper motor. Rain Sensor.
10 40 amp
20 amp
Louver sun roof.
Rear window wiper.
11 15 amp Steering wheel combination switch. Wiper control. Head lamp flasher. windshield washer pumps . RNS(radio navigation system.)
12 30 amp Cigar lighter. Trunk plug socket. Radio. Glove compartment light. CD changer.
13 30 amp
7.5 amp
Power window front 2 x
(or power window 4 x )
14 15 amp Instrument cluster, Timer, Wiper/Washer pump relay. Switch group COC (Mobile phone)
15 10amp Air bag control module. Sensor. Automatic Child seat recognition.
16 15 amp Outside mirror adjustment/heated mirrors. Switch group COC. Parktronic
17 15 amp Horn/fan-fair.
18 10 amp Instrument cluster transponder & RFL.
19 25 amp
15 amp
15 amp
5 amp
Trailer towing device or taxi
20 5 amp
7.5 amp
trailer towing device or taxi
21 15 amp trailer towing device or taxi
22 25 amp
7.5 amp
Sound system
23 7.5 amp
30 amp
Make up mirror (interior)
24 10 amp Control Module Airbag (Window bag)
25 15amp 12 volt socket in centre consul. Switch, rear dome lamp
26 Blank Blank
27 Blank Blank
28 10 amp Instrument cluster, load . Power windows, 4 x Control module
29 15 amp Central locking . Seat mounting recognition device.
30 7.5 amp DAS transponder.& RFL. Electric Instrument Cluster
31 25 amp Rear window defroster
32 15 amp Mobile phone compensator, Radio or RNS Radio Navigation System, CD Changer, Dome lamps , Front & Rear door lamp
33 30 amp Front power window, 4 x Lhs Rhs
34 Blank Blank
35 10 amp (Anti- theft Control module) " x relay, light & Horn
36 10 amp Front heated seats.
37 10 amp Program selector VCS. Heated Washer nozzles. Heated washer hose.
38 10 amp Ac control module( compressor) temperature sensor inside air. Humidity sensor. power electronics PTC. Control unit heater gasoline. Anti-dazzle interior mirror.
39 7.5 Light module, reversing lamp, MT /auto clutch. Reverse lamp VGS
40 10 amp Stop light Lhs, Rhs, and centre rear brake signal. ESP and steering angle sensor.
41 10 amp AC control module. Diagnostic socket.
42 30 amp Rear power window , (4 x Lhs Rhs)
43 15 amp ESP. Brake switch NC contact.
44 10 amp VGS* control module or automatic clutch.
45 30 amp Control unit heater or AC control module.
46 80 amp Central securing system.
47 60 amp Power steering pump.
48 60 amp
30 amp
Pre glow control module Diesel.
or air injection
49 200 amp Alternator fuse Diesel PTC
Lighting fuse board
1 7.5 amp Low beam left.
2 7.5 amp Low beam right.
3 15 amp High beam . High beam indicator lamp.
4 7.5 amp Parking lamp left/tail lamp, left.
5 15 amp Parking lamp. right/tail lamp right. licence plate illumination. Instrument cluster terminal 58
6 15 amp Front & rear fog lamps left
K1 MB No 000 542 03 19 Washer pump
K20 002 542 11 19 Horn
K21 008 545 14 26 Swichable rear dome lamp
K3 (0002 542 76 19
(New part Number)
Starter lockout relay
K4 002 542 13 19 Cooling fan.
K5 002 542 13 19 ESP feed pump.
K6 002 542 13 19 Air pump
K7 002 542 13 19 Fuel pump
K8 002 542 25 19 Engine management.
K9 002 542 25 19 ESP/VGS or ESP/automatic clutch.
K10 002 542 13 19 rear window defroster.
VGS = Fully integrated transmission control.
UKB =Excess force limiter
FFZ = Radio frequency locking
LLR = Idle Speed Control.

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