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Welcome to Lofty's Homepage
Site last updated 15.04.14
This site was launched on the 20th January 2004 and as can be seen
the Mercedes-Benz 'A' Class, W168 section has had well over 135000000 pages between them.
With other sections having had several thousand each subject having it's own counter.
It was started when having purchased my used Mercedes 'A' Class (W168) I suffered great difficulty in finding any information on the car. What I did manage to find was not complete or sufficiently detailed to guide me through the procedures that would be needed to undertake even the smallest of tasks even the manufacturers handbook appeared to miss out vital information. This was going to make things difficult as there also appeared to be few or no photographs or diagrams for that matter in the public domain, and although there is now a Haynes manual 12./2009 I'm reliably informed that it is not very comprehensive and is uninteresting in content with only black and white photographs unlike it's predecessors.

Being interested in all things mechanical I have always serviced my own and family cars, not to be able to continue this interest would be like cutting off my right hand and I would finish up up with loads of useless tools and equipment, and so I set to and we have arrived at this web site, today known to many on the Web as "Lofty's Homepage"
There are a number of animations in the 'A' Class section which may not work if you have a firewall installed on your PC.000.visitors who have read just on 30 I trust that you will find it interesting and detailed enough for your purposes, and that it also covers the subjects that you are interested in.
There are now masses of photographs, all relating to the Mercedes-Benz 'A' Class,W168 and over 100 pages of information relating to various components, procedures and parts of the 'A' Class
In addition you will find other sections about other hobbies and interests which you are of course welcome to visit.

Simply click on the subject of your choice.
'A' Class W168..... 'A' Class W169.2004/5... Solar PhotoVoltaic.... Solar Thermal ...... Kittens........... Orchids

... Canada & Alaska.... Scotland .......... Home Wine Making ......... Keukenhof 2013.

There are sections on Our trips to Scotland, Home Wine Making, Orchids, and photographs of our trip to Canada & Alaska, as well as a NEW section on Solar Energy both Solar Thermal and Solar photovoltaic.
Automobiles and Wine don't go well together, although they are both worthwhile hobbies, saving you as well as giving you great satisfaction.
The photographs of our trip to Canada & Scotland may just tip the scales in favour of you going, both wonderful Countries.
Oh and a page on my other love! ORCHIDS I hope you get as much pleasure looking at them as I do. Enjoy,

And now the lastest addition to the site and the family 'The Kittens', a true story about two kittens written so that young children can read it themselves, which is added to from week to week.

There is nothing on this site that should offend children or adults.
Mercedes-Benz may not like what they read. Problems my readers have highlighted on their 'A' Class cars New and Old a number of which we have overcome, in the most efficient and cost effective manner, this has been acheived on the W168 and I see no reason why it should not also be the case with the W169.

...................................................................Best wishes Lofty.
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