Renew/Change engine Oil

Changing the oil on the W169 is no different to the W168, you do still need to safely gain access to the underside of the engine, with the same tools being required unless you are using a vacuum pump to remove the used oil, in both cases the oil is best drained when warm. With fully synthetic oils there should be no sludge in the sump, however draining via the sump plug will allow any partials to be removed with the oil.
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Please also see
mypage 5 of the W168 section before starting work

Recommended oils

Mobile 1, W0-40 as used in the W168 and Mobile 1, ESP 5W 30,
Both oils are fully synthetic the ESP (Emission System Protection) and both oils are very expensive. You will be lucky if you get much change from 50.00 (UK)
The oil comes in a 5 litre container and the sump of the W169 holds 5 litres.

This will bring the oil up to the max mark on the dip stick.
I think this increase in sump capacity (W168 4.5 litres) will make is less likely that the car will be over filled, which should be avoided.

Having selected the oil of your choice, you can select the oil used in the instrument cluster display, 229.3 being selected for the Mobile 1 5-30 ESP oil, or 229.5 being selected for the Mobile 1. W0-40 new life oil.

I have used the Mobile ESP simply because I sometime ago purchased the oil which was on offer, so take care there are now two mobile 1 oils.
The original mobile 1 now being called Mobile 1 W0-40 New life.

The oil filter part number 266.180.0009 is larger than that fitted to the W168 so ensure you have the correct filter before draining the oil. Cost 4/7/13 5.75 plus Vat .

The plastic cap hexagon nut is 27mm you will also need as with the W168 extension bars to undo the cap, When replacing tighten firmly but do not over tighten or you will strip the thread on the plastic cap.

The are two 'O' rings supplied with the filter .The large one is the cap seal, the smaller on fits into a recess on the hexagon of the cap, this allows the cap to remain in the 27mm socket when the cap is fully unscrewed.

Note there is more space between the top of the engine and the underside of the car, therefore if you drop the cap you may have problems recovering it.
Although the 'O' ring on the cap should prevent this, I always undo the last few threads manually and then remove the cap by hand

The filter should lift out with the cap (see the retaining clips on the new filter) so have something ready to place the filter in as it will be dripping with used oil.

Equally important is not to get the plastic cap cross threaded when replacing.
This can be avoided by starting the replacing process by hand turning the cap clockwise to tighten anti-clockwise to undo. then screw down and tighten using the socket and extension bars.

A oil level Dip stick B oil filler cap

Changing the engine oil forms the larger part of a small service (A) along with checking/topping up such things as coolant fluid and brake fluid, checking up yes, does need to be done but rarely is the topping up required although you may well be charged for such items on the service.

Check these before you put your car in for service and then you will know if they require doing and if you should be charged or not.

Windscreen washer fluid is much more likely to need topping up, but again it is no hardship to have a bottle of concentrate in the garage and top up as required.
You are very likely to have to do this yourself in the winter months anyway due to the amount these facilities are used.
In my mind, a Mercedes Benz Main Dealer service is a very expensive oil change and possibly a wash and valet.
It appears no reductions in cost have been made even though servicing the W169 is far easier, decidedly taking less time, although I don't doubt that Mercedes Main dealers would like us all to think different.

For the complete list of items to service on the A routine see page 47 W168 section.

Such things as remote key batteries should be checked, with all door, bonnet, and boot hinges as well as the bonnet catch and boot lock, Door catches also need to be lubricated with silicone spray or an aerosol, light oil, like 'three in One'

When checking tyre pressures, do not forget the spare wheel.

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