Problems /Repairs to Fully Automatic Transmission W169

The Valve chest on the W169 and 'B' Class is understood to be larger than that of the W168 and when removed from the car for repair exposes prongs which may be damaged in transit to ECU

When packing these units for transportation pack well ensuring any projecting parts are well protected from damage

In the same way the FTC/ECU electrical connector on the W168 valve chest/FTC/ECU assembly must be protected during transit.

These units cost 1100-1300 so pack them well. Leave nothing to chance.

ECU normally return the W169 valve chest and FTC/ECU in two parts to prevent such damage on the return journey

They have therefore been asked to put an information sheet with the component parts so that you the owner can re-assemble without problems and also be aware of what tension to apply to the FTC/ECU location/fixing screws and clips.

It may be a couple of weeks before this request is fully implemented.

If in the meantime you have your unit is returned without this information Contact ECU for advise before fitting.

Transmission sump gasket information.

This e-mail was received from Nick who now lives in Australia, I quite sure those of you with automatic transmissions on your 'A' or 'B'class will find his mail interesting especially if you are contemplating changing your own transmission fluid. Please see the information on mypage 59a if that is the case befoe starting work
Hi Lofty,
Being a member of the;Class of 38 and originally from Surrey, U.K., I have gained inspiration and confidence from your website and the help and information it contains relative to Mercedes 'A' and 'B' Series models. Now realise I am certainly not too old yet to carry out various servicing tasks on our two 2005/7 B180 Diesels and saving a lot of money in the process.

As you would know the 'B' series models do not appear to be very different to the 'A'Series concerning the basics, so have been referring to your various write-ups to guide me when attacking certain jobs. The most recent of these was changing the transmission fluid and filter and in the process discovered that there are two different types of pan gasket available based upon the type of transmission on the vehicle.

This caused me a bit of trouble in the process as I had ordered what I thought was the correct filter kit for my 2007 vehicle (W245-207) and only after dropping the transmission pan found it it was not the right one.
The gasket on my vehicle was flat and made of a combination of metal and rubber and fitted flat between the pan and the transmission body, whereas the one received was totally rubber and had a lip all around the edge and fitted round the edge of the pan; I wrote to the German manufacturer of the gasket kit Meyle asking for clarification and they responded as below:-

"There is a split within the month/year 05.2007 for the gasket. Depending upon the transmission you have in your car it would be either the gasket 014 140 0001 – rubber or 014 140 0002 – metal-rubber From your account I assume you have a transmission from 305062 in your car, so that you would need the gasket 014 140 0002. Then of course the gasket in the set you received no. 014 037 0004/S will not fit. [ ] MEYLE [ ] 1 [] [] 014 140 0001 to MY 05.07 to Transm. No. 305061, Transm. Type WFC280, Type 722.800, Type 722.801, Type 722.802 CVT (Stepless), Elastomer [ ] 1 [] [] 014 140 0002 from MY 05.07 from Transm. No. 305062, Transm. Type WFC280, Type 722.800, Type 722.801, Type 722.802 CVT (Stepless), Steel Elastomer

None of the parts suppliers in U.K. or Europe mention that there are two different types of Transmission gasket for the B180 2005-2010 model and I thought it might be useful for people to know before they order a Transmission Kit or gasket for their vehicle.
I am not sure if this same issue relates to the 'A' series but would be worth checking. The second project was replacing the Poly V-Belt or Serpentine Drive Belt on my vehicle and the necessity for a special tool to access and lever the Tension Pulley in order to loosen the belt and remove and also replace the belt.
I did see your reference to this 600mm long tool with a 15mm spanner at one end being available from a manufacturer in Europe, namely Hazet.
I did locate this tool on their website, but flinched slightly when I calculated that it would cost me over $A100 including postage to get to Australia.
I then saw your innovative suggestion about making your own tool so I embarked on doing precisely that.
Firstly buying a 15mm ring spanner with an open spanner one end and cut it in half.
Then purchased a length of threaded steel around 15mm in diameter and found a local outfit to weld the half ring spanner on to one end for $10 !
I attach a picture of my efforts and have found a length of hollow red plastic which acts as a sleeve for the tool and makes it easier on the hands when levering.

Thanks again for your inspiration and trust you continue to keep your informative website going for many years to come helping people like myself.
Nick G Smith
Melbourne, Australia
For basic information on the transmission and associated problems W168 see mypage 59a W168 section.

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