Fuse Allocation Chart W169 & 'B' Class,
Relays location

For those owners who have purchased used W169 'A' Class and do not have the fuse chart this is the chart as issued to a 2009 Build.
The chart also applies to the 'B' Class (as issued to a 2009 W169.

Relays Location

Locating the relays is like finding a needle in a haystack, the fuses and relays sheet indicates that they are under the passengers foot well!
But when you look at this area there is no way that they are obvious or even how to get at them.
Unlike the W168 you cannot get at them from the engine bay.

However they had to be there somewhere and not wishing to be beat I explored the nearside footwell as that was where the MB fuses and relays sheet said they were, however getting to them is a different story and you will need time and patience as well as large pockets or cheque book if a Mercedes Main Dealer is going to change a relay for you.

So here is how to reach them:-

1. You firstly need to remove the plastic under tray beneath the glove compartment.
Just two screws small torx. size 2.0

2. Then remove the near-side panel just inside the door on the left, this when in place supports the carpet and underlay which is carpet and thick moulded foam constructed in one piece. There is a facility for a screw to be fitted, mine was not present. You do need to check however, ease the small cover out from the panel using the small slot with a fine screwdriver, (this just clips back in) remove the screw as required, release the 2 clips on the 'A' Post, Remove the panel.

3. You also need to remove the strip inside the door as this also prevents the carpet being pulled back which you need to do to get at the relays. This just eases up with large flat bladed screw drivers.

4. You will also have to ease a small section of the rubber door seal away from the carpet and fittings this simply pulls off and pushes back on.

5. Having undertaken those tasks you can now fold the carpet complete with underlay back away from the foot well, not an easy job but it can be done.

6. The Relays can now be accessed and removed as necessary.

7. My car appears to have 7 relays more complex models may well have more, I would certainly expect the diesel models to have more.

8. Replace all items in reverse order

On my 2009 model Classic SE model there appear to be 7 some being up behind the plastic grill, what the one below the two upper banks is for is anybodies guess? as it is unlisted.

Simply having a relay replaced in a Mercedes Benz workshop could run up a large bill with labour, relay + time + Vat
So despite my earlier comments not everything on the W169 is easier but can still be overcome with time and patience! and of course help from a friendly web site.

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