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Mercedes-Benz 'A' Class A140/160 Assyst Re-Set Procedure.

Next service due (ASSYST)Active Service System Service Indicator
Service 'A' small service will be denoted by a single spanner
The 'B' Service will be indicated by a double spanner and is a larger service.
Mercedes-Benz recommend that services be undertaken by their service centres at which time the Assyst will be re-set. However should you not have the service undertaken by them, the Assyst indicator can be re-set by the owner or the garage where the car is serviced.

Procedure for re-setting Assyst.
  • Turn the ignition key to position two(2) and immediately press the select button twice with the space of one(1) second.

  • Turn to key to position off (0)in the ignition

  • Press and hold the button Turn the ignition key to position two(2) Keep select button Pressed.

  • The service indicator with the current remaining distance or remaining time appears

  • After about ten seconds(10) an acoustic signal will be heard and the service indicator with the new starting distance or time appears for about ten seconds(10)

  • Release select button.
    Note If the service is not carried out within the period indicated by the ASSYST the display will flash with a minus - sign in front and a warning tone will sound when the ignition is turned on.
  • The distance between individual services depends on the style of driving
    A moderate style of driving with medium engine speeds and avoiding short journeys will allow a greater mileage between services. Mercedes-Benz handbook page 111 edition 30/04/2001

    Note Despite what Mercedes-benz say in their manual, the car's assyst will request a service 'A' or 'B' every year almost to the day or after 10000 miles, driving style as mentioned above appears to make very little difference and changing the oil between services does not increase the period. So if you have your car serviced , garage it and go on your twelve months cruise! when you start you car the instrument cluster sign and the credible alarm will tell you the car wants servicing. Lofty

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