SRS (Safety Restraints Systems)

To save duplication of information Please also read the information on my W168 SRS Page

The details on that page with the exception of side air bags in the front doors (which are not fitted on the Classic SE W169 )is relevant to the W169.
'A' Class models with a higher spec will have side airbags.along with possibly side window airbags.

The W168 has a an instrument cluster warning for seats belts, whereas the W169 has both visual and audible warning which continues until the seat belt buckle is connected.
failure to take act on these warnings and a large red panel will light up again warning of seat belts

There is also a reminder about the rear seat belts not being secured, this occurs even when passengers are not in the rear seats.

The front seat belts have a height adjustment , using this feature makes the seat belt more comfortable.

The adjustment should be made in such a way as to avoid pressure being applied to the collar bone.
In the event of an accident seat belt pre-tensioner will activate tightening the belt around the waist and across the shoulder, that along with the impact of an accident could facture a collar bone if the adjustment is to low on the shoulder.

The upper seat belt fixing is adjusted by depressing the knob and manually moving the slide up or down to suit the height of the passenger.
If transporting children please read page. 40 'Child safety in your 'A' Class'

The rear Seat belts in the W169 are laid out differently to that of the W168,
The central belt comes over the right shoulder and has its own clip, stowed between the near side passenger seat and the central passenger seat.
This vehicle is not designed or equipped to carry more than five passengers.

The rear seat belt tails (both left and right hand side) male Clip is stowed in the small slot in the 'C' Post, stowing the belts in this way when not in use will prolong the belts life and prevent them being trapped in the rear doors when closed.

There is no adjustment on the upper seat belt fixing for the rear seats

An air bag is situated in the centre of the steering wheel, this will activate at a predetermined impact, at the same time the pre tensioner of the seat belt mechanism will tighten the seat belt
The pre-tensioner will release along with the air bag which will deflate when there job is done.

There is also an air bag in the dashboard on the passenger side .
In the event of a collision this bag will only activate if the passenger seat is occupied.
This is determined by the seat 'occupied' senor which is embedded in the front passenger seat.

Please Note the detail on see page 40, re children in cots on the front passenger seat.

Head restraints (Head rests) form an important part of car safety and reduce the risk of 'whip-lash'(injury to the cervical vertebra and muscles of the neck) normally caused by rear impact collisions when your vehicle is stationar or moving slowly . However they can only do the job intended if adjusted to suit each passenger or driver of the vehicle.
As well as height adjustment the front head rests now have a tilting action as well this will enable you to adjust the head rest to suit you height.
To reduce the height simply press and hold the clip on the top of the support leg and press the rest down.

To adjust the tilt simply move to the desired position.

In this photo the near and off sside head rests have been raised for the two rear passenges while the centre rest has been left fully lowered, This along with the use of exterior mirrors increases the drivers ability to see what is coming up behind as well as give a better view when reversing.

The rear head rests on the W169 can be completly lowered, level with the top of the seats, when not in use, this helps with rear vision.
The central rest does not have to be removed as with the W168.
These can be raised to suit the individual passenger who is equally vulnerable to 'Whip-Lash' in the case of the rear impact collision.

Child Safety

The only addition to Child Safety is that on the W169 2009 model 'Isofix' is provided, I am unsure as to whether this is standard on all models since launch 2004.

This feature enables the child seat to be fixed into the rear passenger seat, Shopuld the driver have to brake hard while children are in their seats, the seat is retained by the 'Isofix' so only childs weight is applied to the seat belt which would move with the child, with the braking momentum of the vehicle.

All Good quality child seat's, meeting the regulations will have this feature available on them, the store from where you purchase your seat should also be able to demonstrate how the seat should be used, so make a point of driving to the store.

Printed instruction should also be available with the seat.
Second hand seats are best avoided unless they have the instruction booklet with them.
familurise yourself with the correct method of fitting before attempting to transport the child.
Buying on line is chancy unless you know what you are getting, a badly constructed /fitted child seat could cost a life. Do Not Risk it. I recommend
Halfords Stores, their staff are competent and will make sure you know what you are doing with the seat before you leave the premises.
at the time that I purchased they even signed paper work to indicate you have been shown and have demonstated to them that you know how to fit the seat and the child in it.
Children are the most precious cargo we will ever carry, don't take short cuts, or under spend they deserve the best.

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