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Promises Promises fairness for all!
What a joke they don't know the meaning of the words.

This is the original mail which contains what I consider to be a promise to level the FITs playing field.

To: 'Bert'
Cc: LOUGHTON, Timothy. MP
Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2010 10:22 AM
Subject: RE: FITS payments devastating to pre 7.09 PV system installers
Mr Rowe
We are shortly to produce our energy policy paper, which will outline Conservative proposals in this area in greater detail. In the mean time, I can assure you that under a Conservative government, any micro-generation technologies that have already been installed before the commencement of the Feed-in Tariff in April 2010 will be eligible for the new higher tariffs once they commence.
I hope this is of some comfort to you.
Michael Stott
Office of Charles Hendry MP Unquote

This mail Has now been received from the Senior Secretary Of Charles Hendry, Minister of Energy & Climate change.
It has taken many many phone call to the Ministers office to even get this reply which pre-installers like ourselves will find disappointing in the extreme.

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My letter to the Minister -----Original Message----- From: Albert.Rowe (via the Website) [mailto:no-reply@charleshendry.com]
Sent: 30 May 2010 15:57
To: GOODE, Christopher
Subject: Enquiry from Website
Name: Albert.Rowe

E-mail address: albert.rowe@ntlworld.com

192 Dominion Road
Bn14 8Jn
For the attention of Charles Hendry MP
Dear Charles
Just a couple of lines to say congratulations on your re-election with increased majority
Also to just bring back into the lime light the problems associated with the FITs payments to pre existing systems.
From What I can see Charles you are now the Ministry for Energy and Climate Change? and I'm sure that there is no need for me to say more.
We do hope even though the situation of Government isn't quite as way expected that the party will honour their word and implement full fits tariffs for all PV systems previously registered for ROCs as soon as possible
I look forward to hearing from you, should you want reminding of any of the details please Contact me

As a Point of interest I contacted PM, all Ministers and the DECC prior to the election, it appears all staff are brain washed into saying the it would cost too much to include all registered systems even though it isn't the Government paying , so I see little point in contacting them further as all I got was a standard letter repeated about six time . Michael, just to remind you there is a 10 downing St petition that's been running on the above subject, can you please indicate if this is carried over to the new Government if yes would you please ensure the Charles knows of it's existence.

many thanks
Look forward to hearing from, You
. Bert Rowe

Reply received from the ministers Senior Secretary
Dear Mr Rowe,
Thank you for your correspondence, to Charles Hendry, regarding early adopters under the Feed-in-Tariff (FiTs) scheme. Apologies for the delay in replying.

Under the FITs scheme, which came into effect in April this year, Microgenerators (i.e. those with installations of 50 kilowatts capacity or less) who applied for accreditation under the Renewables Obligation (RO) before 31 March 2010 will have their RO accreditation transferred to the FITs at an RO equivalent rate. The RO equivalent generation tariff for Microgenerators transferring from RO support to FITs is 9p per kilowatt hour. In addition, they will receive a further 3p per kilowatt hour export tariff under the scheme for electricity sent to the grid; and will, of course, also benefit from reduced electricity bills. All microgenerators transferring from the RO will still need to find a supplier in order to access FITs.

Micro generators who did not apply for accreditation under the RO by 31 March 2010 are not eligible to receive support from either the RO or FITs from April 2010.

The Coalition Programme for Government, committed to establishing a full system of Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) in electricity. As part of this, Ministers have been looking at features of the FITs scheme to see whether any changes need to be made; bearing in mind, of course, the difficult fiscal position. This process included looking at the treatment under the scheme of early adopters of small-scale, low-carbon electricity generating technologies.

After careful consideration of views presented to them by early adopters, and in light of the difficult fiscal climate, Ministers have decided that the scheme as it relates to early adopters should remain unchanged. Generators who had installed before 15 July 2009 will not be eligible for the full rate of FITs, but those that benefited from the Renewables Obligation will continue to be supported at an equivalent rate.

It's clear that this response will be disappointing to many householders and others who have been early adopters of renewable energy. The commitment they have made to reducing carbon emissions, and the role they have played as ambassadors for low carbon technologies is fully appreciated. Ministers would have liked to support their installations with FITs at the same rate as that offered to new generators, and hope they understand the difficult decisions that had to be taken in the current fiscal climate. Extending FITs to existing installations would not only increase the costs of the scheme, but would not encourage additional installations, which is the primary objective of the FITs scheme. We do not think that this represents value for money and cannot therefore justify the additional cost to consumers, who ultimately pay for the scheme.
Yours sincerely,
Emily Veitch Senior Private Secretary to Charles Hendry MP
0300 068 5982 / 07786 747783

My response to above

For the attention of Emily Veitech
Senior Secretary to Charles Hendy MP
Dear Emily,
Thank you for replying to my correspondence to Charles Hendry and that fact the the refusal is direct.
I thank you for outlining the FITs scheme with which I very familiar
As you are possibly aware generators managers can now sell their energy to one company and buy their energy from another, thereby creating two separate accounts one for Exported energy one for Imported energy
However I'm not aware of a situation where the occupier gets reduced electricity bills. The value of the energy used in House in my view is a contribution towards the investment costs. Like wise the exported and total power generated on the TGM

I'm fully aware that where an Export meter is fitted 3p will be received for all KWh exported, where no export meter is fitted 50% of the KWh as recorded on the total generation meter (TGM) will be deemed to have been exported for payments under FITs.
However the income received has to be deducted from the total investment made and should not be confused with the imported energy costs. In our case thanks to the labour Government and now the Coalition and broken promises our investment will never be re-couped
Throughout this whole saga have constantly been told that the government cannot afford to include us in the scheme at full FITs, prior to FIT's according to OFGEM there were less than 2000 generators registered for ROCs those generators should have been included the ones that jumped on the band wagon after 15th July 2009 shouldn't that would have be fairer, we had installed to the energy saving trusts requirements to access ROCs requirements and in doing so had incurred extra costs Yes we did get a small grant but then so did a number of installers who have been included into FITs on full payment.

If I'm correct it's not the Government who are paying the monies to Generators but the energy Companies themselves none of which are owned by the Government, Can you please therefore explain to me why the present fiscal position of which we are all aware come into the equation?

Having listened to speakers in the House of Lords, speakers there also had to be reminded that there is no Government expenditure in respect of FITs Payments, the point was conceded by the other side This point now appears to have been forgotten yet again.

Energy Companies are making large profits, our imported energy costs like yours will without doubt rise in the near future and yet out income from what to us as pensioners was a massive investment will never be repaid because of the unfairness of the scheme
We are continuously being told we are receiving the same support as we were under ROCs that may be true, what has not been taken into account is that pre Fits 8th April effective date 1st April energy companies have greatly reduced to pre existing generators the amount paid for exported energy, we for instance pre FITs were receiving 28p per KWh we now only receive the 3p even with the 9p for the total generated KWh the annual income under FITS will be approx 50%of the previous years income. This is grossly unfair and for the Conservatives (Charles Hendry) To go back on his word is despicable. He should have been more conservative with his promises after all nothing has changed, they like the previous Government do not have to find the support for FITs please correct me if I'm wrong.

Emily Unlike Charles who obviously spoke before he thought fully of the consequences of his party being elected and then keeping the promise made.
I can substantiate the information and figures I use.
I maintain and have done so since the installation of my systems daily records of the power generated, used in house etc as well as the income generated all posted on my web site daily (http://www.aclassinfo.co.uk/PV.5.htm)

I know from my records that we have been very badly treated indeed; I just hope that when MP's wages are cut by 50% they won't object because they have halved our income from solar without even a thought. Using the fiscal position as excuse instead of implementing a scheme, or in this case adjusting a scheme as promised making it fair for all is appears to be out of the question. I wouldn't mind if the excuse being used had any basis.

Tell me how can we ever take an MP word again, not just verbal but in writing from his own office. What a sham. I don't expect you to try and answer this question but would appreciate an answer to the involvement of the Government in the support of FITs It be that the public are unaware of payments being made to energy companies if this is the case then these should have been shown in the energy bill FITS April 2010 certainly I've seen nothing to that effect.
Albert Rowe
Copy to Tim Loughton MP
Copy to Lord Teverson .

Copy of reply from DECC
Dear Mr Rowe,
Thank you for your email of 18 October, to Emily Veitch, regarding the FiTs scheme. I have been asked to reply.
The Government is firmly committed to renewable energy, which forms a key part of the commitment to being the greenest Government ever.

However, the Government has also committed to ensuring that the low carbon transition will be funded in the most efficient way, and has considered all inherited policies and associated spend in the context of the current economic climate. This includes the costs associated with schemes such as the FiTs scheme, paid for by energy suppliers, but which are distributed across all consumer bills. It is for this reason that Ministers looked very carefully at who should benefit and who should pay for these schemes, including whether early adopters should be eligible for the FiTs scheme. As stated in previous emails, it was decided that extending FITs to existing installations would not encourage additional installations (which is why the FIT system was set up), but would increase the cost to consumers, who ultimately pay for the scheme through their electricity bills. In the interest of value for money, this additional cost to consumers could not be justified.

The FITs Impact Assessment provides more information on costs and is available through our website at:-
I am sorry this is not the response you were looking for.
Yours sincerely
Andrew Morrissy
DECC Correspondence Unit
Follow DECC at:

My response to above
Dear Mr Morrissy,
I'm fully aware you departments tune hasn't changed since the labour Government were in power, claiming the Government couldn't afford it.
My mail was address to the senior secretary of Charles Hendry the Minister of Energy who made promises while in opposition which he now finds he can't keep.
Rather than using promises /bribes of this nature to get voted into power it would be better if they had told the public what they intended doing when in power, I ought to have know better than believe him leopards never change their spots.

This situation is unchanged as far as the fiscal position is concerned and Charles Hendry knew the situation when he made this promise. In short apart from looking after their own ends expenses etc they couldn't give a dam about others be it fulfilling promises , jobs or anything else as far as I can see, they know their jobs safe for this parliament at least, I suggest you just watch you own job.

It is quite clear from what you are saying having at last conceded that it's not the government that foots the bill but consumers that we have not only invested our life's savings in microgeneration for a very little return thanks to FITs but will now be expected to pay higher energy costs to allow the energy companies to pay the FITs payments to current installers who are receiving 70% more than ourselves, what an outrage.

My Comments to above.
Dear Readers there appears little else we can do? accept contact you MP and push the issue make them aware of your dissatisfaction.
I'm just very pleased that we didn't enter into a financial loan for the installation of our systems we could now due to the Labour Governments fairness for all and the Coalition parties broken promise be in very difficult circumstances, never trust a member of Parliament to keep their word even if it's in writing and they are governing our Country, no wonder we are in such a mess 2010.

To summarise the situation and my understanding of the schemes
If your installation was completed before the 15.07.09 and was registered for ROCs by the 31st March 2010, and an application has been made for transfer to FIT's by the 1st Oct 2010 you will be eligible for 9p for every KWh generated on your Total Generation Meter,(TGM) and 3p for 50% of the recorded KWh on your TGM no matter whether you use the generated power in the property or not. (No export meter fitted)
If you have had an Export meter fitted you will be eligible for 3p for the KWh's recorded on that meter, be it more or less than 50% of that recorded on the TGM
If you system was installed after the 15th July 2010 and you registered for ROCs and have now transferred to FITs you will receive full FITs payments
In the case of domestic properties if you received an EST grant during the interim period July to february when the greant ceased, you will not be required to replay the grant to receive full FITs, However in the case of non doestic you will be required to repay any grant received before OFGEM will accept your system into the FITs scheme.

If your system has been installed since to the 1st October 2010 and you have registered for FITs you will receive full FITs (ROCs no longer being applicable)

In all of the cases FITs payments are subject to you finding a Energy Company prepared to accept you onto their register. The onus is on the generator managers (You)to register for FITs.

Where the system is being financed and installed by a third party (25 year leased roof space) the system owners need to apply.

I hope if you have not heard from your MP or you were waiting for information to come your way that you will find these mails informative albeit like me they do not contain the answers you or I would like to have heard. But at least we have an answer and as you can see in the final mail received it is the consumers including you and me who will pick up the bill and not the Government as the DECC have been consistently advocating and trying to make us believe.

So be assured the more people that now install PV to get the high rates of return will simply be adding cost to yours and my electricity bill that's thanks to the labour government who pushed the bill through during their last days in power with barley a second reading in either house and the Conservative shadow Energy Mininster for breaking a promise to level the playing field.